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Sifu Sergio

Learn authentic Internal Wing Chun Based On the ancient Siu Lin Tau set that was created at the end of the 1700’s by the fusion of 2 specific sets from Fujian Yong Chun Bai Hei (Fujian White Crane) and Emei Zhe Zhuang.


note: The internal Siu Lin Tau (little training) set should not be confused with the
Siu Nim Tau (little idea) set that came about later in the 1800’s


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The Wing Chun Biography of Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola started his Martial Arts career at the age of six with the Japanese art of Judo in the Dutch capital Amsterdam (The Netherlands) winning several local tournaments, during his teenage years he also build up his martial experience with the practice of other Martial Arts like Pencak Silat (Pamur style) and Wado Kai Karate.

Being a big Bruce Lee fan he studied and read everything concerning him, Bruce Lee commenced his martial arts journey with Wing Chun so for Sifu Sergio that would be the way forward. To delve deeper he started writing letters with some of Bruce’s early students like James de Mile and Jesse Glover in order to find out more about the personal Martial Arts development of his idol. Visiting as much martial art schools as possible in Amsterdam together with a group of his friends to watch the classes or take lessons in the diverse Martial Arts the city had to offer was also a common theme.

Why join internal Wing Chun?

There are many Wing Chun lineages today the most famous Wing Chun lineage in existence is the Ip Man lineage. The three empty hand forms of that lineage, the Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze are well known in the Wing Chun world in its many variations. What Sifu Sergio will teach you here however is the set that pre dated the three forms format, a truly internal set backed up by the Kuen Kuit (fist poetry) of the form, a set to truly bring your Wing Chun to the next level with authentic internal cultivation that will yield unbelievable results for Body, Mind and Energy within only months of practice.


True authentic internal Wing Chun

Experience ONE of the most comprehensive and in-depth online internal Wing Chun training program on the web.


Learn knowledge accumulated by Sifu Sergio

Throughout his studies in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia from the comfort of your own home.


Experience real authentic internal Wing Chun cultivation.

Resulting in unparalleled progression and skill development


Have the possibility to be graded and certified

by one of the IWKA Wing Tjun instructors at our worldwide events.


OnLine Academy

With weekly lessons you will learn step by step in detail the most comprehensive syllabus of this ancient internal Chinese art.


Schools + Seminars

Thanks to our ever growing worldwide network of schools and seminars its possible to attend one of our events and experience by direct touch your progression.


Unique user experience

Share with members your thoughts, chat and meet up with people on the same journey.


Online Shop

Special access to our online shop where you can buy physical DVD’s on the Ip Man System and Sifu Sergio’s books like “The 6 core elements the SLT and history of Wing Chun” a great guide and companion to the online academy


Experience One of the most COMPREHENSIVE and IN-DEPTH
online internal Wing Chun training program on the web.

Experience Internal Wing Chun NOW!

Are you interested in learning REAL internal Wing Chun ?

Do you want to develop REAL internal power within a short time ?

Do you want to dramatically step up your Wing Chun game and add extra layers of depth to it ?

Learn how to really cultivate internal power instead of just train empty choreography.

"The real authentic transmission of the Internal Arts is all about Mastering the Mind, Body and Energy"

Sifu Sergio pascal Iadarola.
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Having studied worldwide under names like the late Derek Jones, Chu King Hung, Bruce Frantzis and several other well known masters for more then 3 decades I was looking forward to my meeting with Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola, here is what I wrote at the time after my experience.

by John Scott Petty.

Learn how to develop your Mind Body and Energy to whole new levels while accumulating health and regaining balance.
Experienceinternalwingchun is an interactive Online internal Wing Chun Training Program and is a part of the curriculum taught at our IWKA Academies worldwide.
Many might have led YOU to believe that it might take 20 plus years to develop high level internals, many teachers keeping the higher level internals close to their heart in fear of having students surpassing them in ability, that misconception can now be laid to rest. Through experienceinternalwingchun, Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola will help and guide you through the exact internal cultivation process needed for you to reach those once seemingly unreachable levels, and also teach you in precise detail the ancient Siu Lin Tau set that was developed at the end of the 1700’s

Real Traditional Internal Wing Chun is rare and hard to find.

All around the world we can see people claiming to teach internal Wing Chun, however many of them are teaching empty choreography devoid of any real internals, unfortunately it can be extremely difficult to find those who exhibit real profound deep internal skills in the Wing Chun system and even more difficult to find somebody that teaches the right Wing Chun forms that can really accomodate the deeper internals. Wing Chun from around the time of the Taiping uprising was according to some researchers simplified and stripped of its internals for several reasons, one of them being that they needed to prepare fighters to overthrow the Ching and restore the Ming dynasty in the shortest time frame possible. Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola after decades of extensive research has resurrected the ancient Siu Lin Tau (little training) set with the help of some of his internal teachers exactly according to the Kuen Kuit of the 1800’s. Even today, only a handful of masters scattered around the globe can teach real authentic internals and they often only teach the critical elements of proper internal cultivation to family members, or to their closed door disciples. Sifu Sergio has managed to study under some of these rare gems of masters and even succeeded in learning in some cases their complete family Curriculum, living in China for over a decade has not played a small role in that. Through his sacrifices and efforts in learning and completing several lineages of Wing Chun and even going as far as studying the Ancestor lineages of Wing Chun like Fujian White Crane he was able to restore the original pure internal Wing Chun set that you are able to learn here in this online academy.

We are able to provide you with instant access to the best training available, saving you countless trips around the world making it possible to learn all this accumulated info from Sifu Sergio directly from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are with your smart phone! The founder of the internal wisdom and knowledge association Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola is proud to present you experienceinternalwingchun Online.


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The experience Internal Wing Chun online video course made
by Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola

To give you access to top quality instruction in Full HD, online 24/7 wherever you are!

Members group experience

  • Our private Experience Internal Wing Chun Membership group on Facebook
  • Full training program in HD (with subtitles in diverse languages coming soon)
  • Find a partner to train with.
  • Find answers to all questions that might pop up during the course
  • And much more ...

Seminars & Schools

Thanks to our ever growing worldwide network of schools and seminars its possible to attend one of our events and experience your progression with hands on coaching.



From 2019 Due to COVID crisis we have suspended our seminars. We'll let you know asap when we can start again our seminars through the world

Experience the Benefits and Internal Energy of Wing Chun NOW with Weekly High Definition video lessons.

Your martial benefits

Here just a few of the things that you will be learning during our unique course.

Learn the first Wing Chun set that was ever created in all its details
Learn the unique internals of the 1700’s set.
The complete Standing meditation that accompanies the set.
The complete Kuen Kuit (fist poetry) of the set
The single arm circular and triangular two man sets
Build up Hei (Qi) through specialised Neigong
The double arm two man sets
Learn how to develop Ting (listening skills) with partner exercises
Increase your I (intent), HEI (energy) and SAN (spirit)
Learn the specialised Snake Engine
Learn the unique snake engine striking
Learn how to sink the Hei (Qi)
Learn real detachment

Our Pricing

$538,9 / Year

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What our students talk about us?

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  • I have been practicing martial arts for 34 years. My background is in boxing, kickboxing, MMA and Wing Chun.When I first met sifu Sergio Pascal IadarolaI had been practicing Wing Chun for 13 years and.. read more

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